Hot Stone Massage


Using hot Basalt stones our qualified massage therapist’s start by placing the hot stones onto your body to heat your muscle for a deeper massage, continuing on, to then use the hot stones to massage your now relaxed muscle you will start to feel the tension melt away.The heat and pressure from the massage will promote healthy circulation of blood and lymph. The flourishing circulation will then release you from fatigue and stress within your body. The use of hot stones in your massage melts away the tension in muscles three times faster than a regular massage.

Available only at Instincts Body & Skin, Circa Retail, Bella Vista.

Body massage

$85 60mins

Relax, unwind and escape for an hour with the combination of warm oil and relaxing massage
techniques, you will feel your tension melt away and walk out feeling like a new person.

Back Massage

$55 30mins

This treatment is great to help relieve those tight shoulders that we all complain about, this perfect half hour treatment can be fit into your lunch break to help you face the days challenges ahead.

Body Exfoliation

$50 30mins

Restore your skin’s radiant glow with an exquisite exfoliation treatment. Exfoliation of the body is recommended to assist in the deeper penetration of body oils and treatments. Ideal for dry, itchy and dull skin.

Infrared Cabin

$35 30mins

When using the Infrared Sauna you will notice a great sense of relaxation and revitalization as your body releases endorphins into your system. Endorphins or “happy hormones” are often referred to as the “runner’s high” and several researchers have linked it to enhancing the immune system, relieving pain, reducing stress and postponing the aging process.

Clears Cellulite

There have been many cellulite treatments over the years, however many simply haven’t delivered the required results. Research suggests that cellulite becomes water soluble at 43C. Cellulite is a gel-like substance, which is made up of fat, water and waste products and with regular use of the Infrared Sauna it can be sweated away. When combined with exercise and diet, the results can be dramatically increased.

Improve Skin Tone

Studies have shown that the gentle Far Infrared Rays support the energy of the body’s cells. This in turn can improve the look and function of skin. Like the rest of the body the skin needs a constant and fully adequate supply of energy to heal damage to its DNA, regulate the production of collagen and elastin, give birth to new cells, and eliminate waste.

Available only at Instincts body & Skin Circa Retail, Bella Vista.

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