Reinventing the way we do things during COVID-19!

What are we doing at Instincts Skin Bella Vista to pivot our business through these times?

I’m not going to lie it has hit us as (I am sure like everyone else) like a tonne of bricks, but no time to wallow, time to pick ourselves up and make the most of a really strange situation.

Now is where you have more time than ever to do the things you have never had time for. Like start your skin journey.

Client care, skin consultations, skin education and of course delivering results, that knock the socks off our clients, is our passion and focus. How we do that now has taken a side step and we are a little excited.

Purchasing your skincare just got easier. Not just for now.. But for the rest of time.

Our online store is up and running

Took me a bit to get on that train but now its here, what does it mean for you, our client!?

  1. Ease & Comfort of shopping from your own home (not that we’re aloud out right now).
  2. Being able to educate yourself on the amazing skin care Aspect & Cosmedix have to offer.
  3. Being able to take your time in deciding and building your homecare program prescribed via your personal prescription
  4. Convenience of having your skincare delivered to your door
  5. Ensuring your skin care never runs out!
  6. The skin results you have achieved so far will never suffer due to always having your skincare available.

Virtual skin reviews and skin consultations….. Now this is an area that is new to us, purely because we are in an industry of touch and feel. We miss it so much! BUT by no means are we going to let that get in the way of bringing to you the results you, 1. have worked so hard to date for and 2. start the journey you wanted before the pause.

We will be taking you through a series of extensive questions, which will still be able to bring you the same outcome as in clinic consultations. AMAZING SKIN!

How these take place is, we can do it via Zoom OR you can send us pictures of your skin and we can phone you. It’s that simple!

How do I book for a FREE virtual skin review or start up skin consultation?

Skin reviews are free for all of our existing clients, our start up skin consultations are $35 redeemable on skincare.

Email us, phone us 88835350 or DM us through any of our social media platforms and we can arrange a time that suits, again we are trying to keep it simple and stress free. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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