Medi Facial Skin treatments

What is a Medi facial?

A Medi Facial is when results driven skin treatments,  meets relaxation, giving you the ultimate Instincts Skin experience.  We Combine highly active medical grade professional, skin care. Using Sonophersis (gentle sounds) to assist in faster penetration, by using this technology gives our highly trained skin therapists the ability to give our clients the results they are asking for. All of Instincts Body & Skin’s facial treatments are customised to the individual, as we understand, all skin and clients are different.

“What is Sonophersis? Sonophersis uses sounds waves to help open the channels within the skin for deeper penetration of active vitamins. With 400% being the deepest penetration available for the skin you will not only see instant results but also have longer lasting effects. The combination of the Sonophersis and the infusion of Vitamins have clinically shown to reverse the signs of ageing. Using these methods within the skin is a non-evasive and pain free way of delivering our highly active ingredients for optimum results”

Mask Triology $149

The power of the 3 masks, Brightens, exfoliates and detoxifies the skin from daily pollutants, restores and promotes water retention and helps with anti aging. Delivering the highest level of active ingredients will deliver and longer lasting glow to the skin. This amazing treatment includes not 1 but 2 facial massages to add a little luxury to your facial treatment.

More medi facials to come.