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At Instincts Skin Bella Vista, we’re committed to bringing you the latest in body contouring technology.

ONDA’s Coolwaves is the first device of its kind to utilise an energy source that can simultaneously target fat, cellulite and lax skin.

Coolwaves enery penetrates deeper than other non-surgical treatments while keeping the upper layers skin cool and comfortable.

Targeting stubborn areas such as the stomach, love handles, thighs, butt and upper arms.

Achieve effective results in just 4-5 comfortable treatments with no downtime or surgery required!

The latest innovation from Europe’s Number 1 laser and aesthetic device manufacturer.


How does ONDA Coolwaves different to other body sculpting machines?

Onda Coolwaves can achieve key temperature thresholds of 55 degrees deep into our subcutaneous layer where our fat is stored, all while keeping the upper layers of the skin comfortable, unlike other fat reduction technologies on the market.

Cool sculpting VS Onda coolwaves-
Cool sculping: is effective in killing fat but not cellulite or skin laxity. You are limited with the areas that can be treated on the body, long treatment times upto 2hrs and also client feedback is it can be quiet painful.

ONDA Coolwaves: Can treat fat, cellulite and skin laxity, short treatment times 10-12mins, most areas of the body can be treated, no pain just a light heat sensation (can vary from client to client).
RF (Radio frequency) VS Onda Coolwaves:
RF is a heat-based treatment where 70% of the energy is absorbed by the upper layers of skin, meaning it can get quite uncomfortable. With only 30% of energy reaching the hyper dermis where the fat cells are stored means it can’t effectively treat cellulite and localised fat in the deeper layers. Multiple treatments and maintenance are needed to see long term results.

ONDA Coolwaves: 20% of heat energy is absorbed in the upper layers keeping the treatment comfortable, 80% of the heat can bypass the upper layers of the skin heating and targeting fat and cellulite for the required heat and time to create apoptosis (death of the fat cell).

Is there any downtime?
No downtime you can return to your normal daily routine, directly after your treatment. For best results increasing water to assist the lymphatic system to remove fat cells that have been dissolved, massaging the area post treatment as well as maintaining a healthy life balance will assist in optimum results.
What is the cost?
We treat in zones of 15cmx15cm the price ranges from $237-$350 per zone Packages available. Note: Certain body areas can be anywhere from 1-4 zones.
What can I expect to feel from the treatment?
Onda Coolwaves is a comfortable treatment, you will feel an increase of warmth in the treated zone, heat peaking in approx the last 2 mins. Post treatment you will feel a gentle warmth under the skin.
When will I see results?
  • Fat reduction…45-60 days post treatment, so you will notice your first treatments results between 2nd or 3rd treatment ⠀
  • Cellulite reduction…You will start to see a change with 30-45 days after your first treatment
  • Skin tightening…collagen production starts 30-40 days from first treatment, meaning results are seen between 3rd or 4th treatment. ⠀
What are the contraindications to the treatment?

A thorough consultation must be performed prior to the treatment. Any of the below conditions unfortunately you’re unable to have ONDA Coolwaves body sculpting treatment

  • Pregnancy
  • Breast feeding
  • Heart problems
  • Metal implants or pacemakers
  • Severe clotting disorders
  • Cancer current or in the past 5 years
  • Severe vascular disease
  • Skin disease in the treatment area
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
The ONDA Coolwaves body sculpting treatment zones explained.

When we’re performing our Onda coolwaves body treatment we mark out and treat zones of 15cmx15cm (approx two hands side by side) this enables the energy to effectively be delivered and heated to the required temperature delivering the best possible results.

Zones are not to be mistaken for areas as an area of the body can range from 1-4 zones. Eg the stomach will most commonly be 2-3 zones.

Treatment zones VS treatment areas:

A treatment area is normally classified as a section of the body like stomach, legs, buttocks etc but these areas can be vary in size for each individual. This is why it’s broken down into treatment zones of 15cmx 15cm. Meaning an area like the stomach can be anywhere from 2-3 zones or legs when broken into zones can be anywhere from 2-6 zones depending on the clients desired outcome.

Why Coolwaves?

  • Short sessions with NO downtime – walk in and walk out!
  • Coolwaves simultaneously targets fat, cellulite and lax skin
  • Particularly effective for abdomen, knees, thighs, buttocks and underarms
  • Penetrates deeper than other non-surgical treatments
  • Achieve results in 3-4 treatments
  • Safe and effective

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