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Aspect Dr: Exfol A Plus


A refining serum combining the power of Lactic Acid, LanablueTM, and Retinol to smooth skin texture and allow for ultimate absorption of other ingredients.

Please seek professional advice before purchasing to make this serum is right for you

Suitable for: • All skin types • Ageing • Problematic • Pigmentation • Dehydrated

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PM use only: A highly active serum to be introduced gradually based on skin tolerance. After cleansing, dispense 1 pump and press onto skin every third night increasing to every second, then nightly. Should be applied first, before layering other serums.


• Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. • Contains marine extract.
• Always use maximum SPF while using this product.
• May contain traces of gluten.


Retinol Molecular Film Fluid | Enhanced stable delivery of Retinol using a Vitamin E antioxidant rich complex.

LanablueTM (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae Extract) | A blue-green algae, known for its Retinol mimicing ability.

L-Lactic Acid | Resurfacing Alpha Hydroxy Acid smooths skin surface while complimenting the activity of Retinol and LanablueTM.