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Instincts Body & Skin has incorporated an exclusive salon membership programme, which entitles you to service and product discounts all year round. Become one of our exclusive skin members and you will receive 15% off all services and 10% off all products.

How does it work?

On the 25th of every month $39 will be debited from your nominated bank account. The credit is then applied to your personal salon membership account that we will set up for you at Instincts Body & Skin. A third party, Ezidebit, deducts the funds so please allow a few days for processing.

You can then use your $39 credit towards your services and products for the month. We like to think of it like purchasing a $39 gift voucher for yourself every month.

Once you have signed up and your first monthly credit has been applied, you will then be entitled to all of the benefits such as 15% of services and 10% of products all year.

What if i don't use my membership credit each month?

Your $39 membership credit will sit in your account, but further debits will be put on hold till your monthly credit has been used.

What happens if I use all of my $39 membership credit within the month?

If you use your $39 credit within the month, any treatments or products that you have or purchase will require payment until your next monthly credit has been debited and applied. You will still receive all of the benefits of the membership – 15% off services and 10% of products.

Are there any joining or cancellation fees?

There are no joining or cancellation fees as we know clients situations can change at any time, all we require is notification before the 25th of the month.

What if I have insufficient funds in my account?

In the chance that you have had insufficient funds, a text message is sent from Ezidebit advising you of this. No credit applied to your salon membership account for the month. You will still be entitled to receive all membership discounts. Be advised that you may incur bank charges if your direct debit declines.

How do I know how much credit I have at Instincts Body & Skin?

A personal membership account will be set up for you in our computer system to keep track of all transactions. We can advise you at anytime of your transaction history and balance.

Can I redeem my membership credit for cash?

Your credit is unable to be redeemed for cash.

Can I purchase gift vouchers for friends or family with my membership credit and discount?

As we have designed our membership to reward our loyal clients, you are not able to use your membership credit or discount for gift voucher purchases.

Can I transfer my membership credit to family or friends

The membership credit of $39 can be used by our members’ children but no discount can be taken up as the discount is only applied to the actual member. Our membership has been designed to reward our loyal and regular clients.

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