How our LED light wavelengths can help you achieve your skin goals.

How our LED light wavelengths can help you achieve your skin goals.

LED light therapy is quite literally the skin treatment that came from outer space!

Harnessed by NASA to grow planets in zero gravity environments, they saw the LED light was encouraging the plant cells to produce more ATP production – aka the cells behind skin rejuvenation and wound healing. When it came time to switch out plants for people, NASA saw that their red-light LED was not only healing their wounds quicker but producing higher levels of ATP too.

At Instincts Skin Bella Vista, we work with industry-leading LED technology that can be used to treat skin concerns on any part of the body. Read on as we give you the glow-down on how LED light therapy helps you achieve your skin goals.

What happens during my LED treatment?

We love LED treatments because not only are they completely pain-free and comfortable but suitable for a broad range of skin types and conditions.
After cleansing and a gentle exfoliation, we choose the LED light (or lights because LED loves to be layered!) best suited to achieving your skin goals. When cells are exposed to LED light, they will work to convert it into ATP which energises cells to work their magic.

The perfect lunchbreak revitalisation, LED treatments take just 30 minutes! All you need to do is lay back, relax and enjoy your soothing light therapy.

Which LED wavelengths do what?

At Instincts Skin Bella Vista, we offer 3 different LED wavelengths, each offering their unique skin corrective power to cater to your specific needs.

  • Red Light LED is perfect for: supercharging our collage and elastin production for exceptional skin rejuvenation. Improving circulation, accelerating skin repair and reducing inflammation, Red Light LED is a must-have in any age-management skin program.
  • Blue Light LED is perfect for: saying bye to blemishes! Blue Light LED works hard to kill acne-causing bacteria and subside active acne. By specifically targeting this unwanted bacteria, Blue Light LED can assist blemished clients to clear up their complexion and soothe painful lesions.
  • Infrared LED is perfect for: being the ultimate healer. Infrared LED is absorbed deeply by our cells for pain and inflammation reduction, accelerated wound healing and muscle recovery. Infrared LED also has many anti-ageing benefits and can be layered with Red Light LED.

How many LED treatments do I need?
We recommend at least 4-6 LED treatments to see best results. A perfect, standalone weekly treatment or layered as part of your Instincts skin health plan, LED is a results-driven approach to achieving your skin goals.

 How do I get started?
Getting started with LED Light Therapy is simple! Contact our skin experts at Instincts Skin Bella Vista to book in your consultation.

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