Instincts Re Opens… COVID-19 government regulations and our new way of doing things!

Here we are on the other side of what has been the most surreal time I’m sure anyone has ever experienced, and hopefully will never have to again. Although it’s not over we’re so excited to be able to get back in clinic and do what we love doing. Looking after you guys.

Instincts is the same business it’s always been, with our values, integrity and high standards in client care, but now we have to do things a little differently. We’re ok with it and we know you will be too, as it is keeping everyone safe, and reducing the spread.

The government has set some pretty strict guidelines that we have to abide by to be able to re open, so we ask that you all please bare with us as this is new for us too.

You’ll be happy to know that we tick all of the boxes with our hygiene and sterilisation standards… phew!

To be honest we kind of knew this would be the case, it’s not new for us. Extreme hygiene and clean standards have always been part of our protocol and now it’s paying off more than ever.

Of course we will be taking extra precautions where possible.

What are we doing to keep you safe…

  • Before we re-open we have a company coming in to sterilise the clinic
  • All of our team will be wearing face shields while doing treatments
  • We’re allowing extra time in between clients to sterilise the rooms
  • We will be using disposable sheets
  • We have created a bigger waiting area to allow for 1.5m social distancing
  • We have a designated hand washing station
  • Our team will be temperature checked before each shift as will be anyone who enters the clinic
  • Treatment times where possible will be staggered to avoid hallway crossover

Absolutely NO ONE is to attend appointments unwell

Our new way of doing things……

Making an appointment over the phone;

  1. You will be asked a series of questions regarding your health. We ask that you be honest as we don’t want to risk anyone’s health
  2. A brief guideline of what to expect upon arrival will be given
  3. A booking deposit will be taken of $50 to secure your appointment and any service under $50 will be required to be paid in full. We’re sure you understand as we have an extensively long waiting list and allowing extra time for safety.

Let’s touch on our booking policy fee a little further…… We don’t want anyone being apprehensive about this new policy.  We send a SMS 48hrs prior to your appointment which gives you adequate time for cancelation or reschedule. Your money will always be returned if you decide you don’t want to continue coming to Instincts.

We respect your time, allocate and hold your appointment, we ask for the same respect in return for our time. Last minute cancelations mean someone misses out and is extremely hard for the business to recover.

I understand that majority of you are amazing when it comes to notifying and respecting us BUT as you can imagine it would get really tricky rolling this policy our for some and not others. If you have pre paid any of your treatments we won’t ask for a deposit but please keep in mind if inadequate notice is given for cancelation we will deducted the amount off your pre paid treatments

 I know you get it, so no need for me to ramble on “

 Upon arrival;

  1. Your temperature will be taken and recorded. Please note if above 38 degrees we will not be able to perform your appointment
  2. You will be asked to wash and sanitise your hands
  3. A COVID-19 information form is required to be filled out by government. This is a MUST for record keeping
  4. Only clients with an appointment we be allowed in the clinic, sorry no children at this stage. We have strict restrictions on numbers aloud in clinic
  5. We highly recommend you phone for an appointment rather than risk being turned away when walking in
  6. Due to number restrictions family and groups will have to come separately. Teens can be accompanied by one adult
  7. No trollies will be allowed in clinic
  8. Products in the reception area are not be touched and will be given to you by staff

If you have been unwell or in contact with someone who is unwell you must get in contact with us immediately.

Our opening days and hours will also be changing temporarily: We will be trading Tuesday- Saturday- please check our hours

Enough of the logistics (as important as they are) we can’t wait to see you in clinic we have missed you all so much.

Help us abide by all of the regulations and keep everyone safe by stopping the spread.

Linda & Team Instincts xxx



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